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Step 2: Revealing the design

CoLAB – Airain Sous-Marine

Help us shape Airain’s next flagship

Welcome aboard Step 2 of our CoLAB, where you’re invited to help us create a new Sous-Marine!

In the first step, your response helped us decide on the Sous-Marine’s second hand and the types of glass. This time, we’re asking you to help us choose text placement and diver graphics on the dial and the back, which will further enhance the looks of the new Sous-Marine Re-Edition. On May 27 we will introduce some additional design. So be sure to check back later!

Project status


Techn. dev.

Pre-order Round 1


Pre-order Round 2

In production


Time to Reveal the Design

Watch our CEO Tom van Wijlick explain the design choices in this step.

First Glimpse of New Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition

It’s feedback time

Check out these black-dialed beauties. We plan to launch both versions: the French lollipop AND the DNA strand second hand, because they are both true to tradition. Additionally, on May 27 we introduced a Limited Series for which the voting is now open. Which one do you like best? You can also comment on all the details in the comment section down below, and explain why. We’d love to know what you think!

Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition

Although it will be developed to modern standards, the Sous-Marine Re-Edition will be true to the original as much as possible. Including the acrylic glass, adding to the historical correctness.

Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition

with glossy black dial, gold plated hands
and lollipop second hand

Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition

with glossy black dial, gold plated hands
and DNA strand second hand

Airain Sous-Marine Limited Series

Together with the Re-Edition we are going to release a Limited Series of the Airain Sous-Marine. Vote for your favorite (maximum of 3) from May 27! Click on any watch to enlarge the image and inspect up close. We exclusively used the Airain crown logo on these models. What do you think?

Tropical dial with light old radium lume and bronze colored hands

Deep blue dial with C5 green lume and white painted hands

Faded black dial with C3 lume and white painted hands

Deep blue dial with grade X1 C1 white lume and white painted hands

Ocean green dial with light old radium lume and silver polished hands

Cast Your Vote

Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s

The devil’s in the diver’s details. In this second design step, we’re looking at diver graphics on the caseback, and the textual sweet spot on the dial. Any strong preferences or opinions? Do leave them in the comment section!

Design choice 3: Case Back Diver Graphic

The original Sous-Marine had a diver graphic on its case back. We went creative and made 3 different diver graphics. Which one do you think will fit the new Sous-Marine best?



Time check

Design choice 4: Fab. Suisse Text Placement

Time to talk logo placement!

Logo combinations varied on different Sous-Marine iterations. Sometimes it was just the Airain logo, or the Airain logo above the text ‘Eb. Suisse’. Sometimes it featured the full Airain + crown logo, with ‘airain’ being stylized in all lowercase.

Since the new Sous-Marine will be fully produced in Switzerland, the tag ‘Eb. Suisse’ would sell it short, as that only refers to unfinished Swiss movements. And since Airain is originally French, we think sticking to French terminology is sensible. So instead, we’ve opted for the tag line ‘Fab. Suisse’ (Swiss-Made), just like we did on our Type 20.

But that leaves us with a little dilemma: where should we put that tag? Placing it right under the logo in the upper half might bring balance in the dial*. But placing it under the six o’clock mark would make it less obtrusive. What do you think?

* = text edited because both versions are original.

Upper half (with logo)

Below six o’clock

For the Tech-savvy: the Parmentier Crown

A crown that is not a crown

If you look closely, you might already see it; the crown of the Sous-Marine looks a bit big compared to other watches. And maybe a bit odd. And that is precisely what’s special; it’s not a crown. It is a crown cap intended to guarantee watertightness around the crown area and is essentially an early version of the now common screwdown crown that didn’t infringe on any existing patents from other brands. It is a feature rarely found on watches from any manufacturers at the time other than the largest Swiss brands. It was a game changing innovation in the quickly growing sports watch market.

Under the crown cap is the real crown. Nice isn’t it? Well, it gets even better; the real crown has notches where the crown cap, when you flip it over, fits exactly onto. This was a clever invention, especially for the non-automatic versions of the original Sous-Marine. The real crown with these types of watches was so small that it was difficult to wind it with your fingers. A winding tool, a kind of rod, was therefore more often included. With this crown, the rod was not necessary; the winding tool was the crown cap itself.

The Parmentier crown takes its name from its inventor Jean René Parmentier (1921-1998), a former colonel of the French Air Force. In 1962 he designed the Triton watch for Dodane, commissioned by La Spirotechnique, a firm founded in 1946 by the famous Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The Triton Spirotechnique is a unique watch with a crown at twelve o’clock. To get to the crown you first had to fold the lugs back. Then there was the crown cap with the actual crown underneath.

Ultimately, three executions of the Parmentier crown are known: 1) the dome version, reserved for the Triton Spirotechnique; 2) the notched version (image), which allows the movement to be wound by applying the cap flipped over to the crown and 3) the straight version, which is the most common.

Because of its historical significance, and since it is just utterly cool, we will be featuring the Parmentier crown on the new Sous-Marine.

Next Step: 3D visuals and Pre-order Round 1

What’s next?

2D is nice. 3D is better, right? So once we have gathered all your feedback we will create stunning 3D visuals as well as start the technical development. This includes choosing all the materials and finishing of the watch.

By then it’s also time for the first of two pre-order rounds, which offers you the biggest advantage compared to the final retail price.

Quick Poll

You talk, we listen

From time to time, we pick up great ideas from the comments and feedback from the community. We present them as a Quick Poll right here to see what the rest of you think.

Closed polls
The polls below have been closed and processed.

Are you interested to order our Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition once they are available?

  • Yes, I will most definitely order in pre-order round 1! (49%, 304 Votes)
  • No, not yet. Maybe in pre-order round 2, when prototypes are ready (42%, 263 Votes)
  • Uhmm... order? I was just admiring your beautiful watches! (8%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 619

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Should we use the Airain crown logo on the Limited Series?

  • Yes, and let's use the crown logo on the Re-Edition (black dial) as well! (39%, 107 Votes)
  • No, I like the normal logo more (32%, 87 Votes)
  • Yes, use it exclusively for the Limited Series! (30%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 277

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White hands or silver polished hands on the Faded Black dial (Limited Series)

  • Keep it like it is now, white painted hands (57%, 120 Votes)
  • Change to silver polished (43%, 89 Votes)

Total Voters: 209

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Project Timeline


29 March, 2022 Step 1: Design foundations
13 May 2022 Step 2: Revealing the design
10 December 2022 Step 3: Presenting the results in 3D and technical details
16 December 2022 Pre-order Round 1 (pre-prototype)
26 June 2023 Step 4: Prototype evaluation
10 July 2023 Launch of Pre-order Round 2
July 2023 Start of final production
December 2023 Components ready
January 2024 First batch of movements ready
February 2024 Start of assembly
March 2024 Start of shipping first batch

The above timeline is an estimate and can be adjusted if necessary.

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  • Avatar Julian says:

    If this has been noted previously I do apologise for bringing this up again. I am very into watch movements, and i am very interested in your choice of watch movement and grade that you’ll be using in your sous- marine diver.

    • Tom @ CDMLEC Tom @ CDMLEC says:

      Hi Julian! Thanks for your question. We will be using the G100 movement by La Joux-Perret which will be finished in ‘Soigné’ with blue screws and adjusted to 4 positions. You will find all information in step 3 of our project.

  • Avatar Andrew Al-Adwani says:

    Just an additional thought. You could consider colour matching the date wheel and using patinated lume for the dates.

  • Avatar Andrew Al-Adwani says:

    The red dates looks a bit lonely and might be helped by complimenting it with a red tipped second hand, some red logo/text or some red on the bezel.

    The spear on the case back design seems a bit incongruous in that you have depicted a modern diver with modern scuba gear and outfit but with an old fashioned hand spear rather than a spear gun.

    The plexi crystal looks a bit opaque in some of the ‘photos/renders.

    Is the crown logo a bit too ‘Rolexy’?

    • Tom @ CDMLEC Tom @ CDMLEC says:

      Hi Andrew!

      Thanks for sharing your comments and thoughts. It is much appreciated and your comments will be take in consideration for future projects and steps. Meanwhile we have introduced step 3 of this project and are currently in the process of prototyping.

      With regards to the crown logo, it is of course obvious that Rolex uses this crown but the crown logo is historic for Airain too. So we did not mean to copy or look like Rolex. We simply wanted to bring this old logo of Airain back on the stage.

      Thanks again!

  • Avatar Wal says:


    I was definitly looking forward to the 3D results and technical details today but it seems to be postponed once again…
    I could understand that it’s a complex project, could you please let us when (for sure) you will be able to release the 3D results and technical details ?

    Thanks and good luck!


    • Tom @ CDMLEC Tom @ CDMLEC says:

      Hi Wal,

      We indeed had to postpone a little because we are actually waiting for some confirmation of components pricing and possibilities. I cannot give an exact date/time but it won’t be long now, I promise 🙂

      Thanks for your great involvement in this project and your patience!

      • Avatar Wal says:

        Thanks a lot Tom! Good luck for the next steps, I’m sure it will work out! Looking forward to it!


  • Avatar Vincent says:

    Dear All,
    Why a white date and not a black one?
    As mentioned on several comment a watch without a date window will be desirable too.

    • Tom @ CDMLEC Tom @ CDMLEC says:

      Hi Vincent!

      Thank you for your ideas. For both of your questions applies that we wanted the Sous-Marine Re-Edition to be as close to the original as possible. The original Sous-Marine was a ‘Montre Datographe’, as you can see on the poster as well as on the vintage pieces we posted, so the date function was an essential part of the watch. It also had a white date with both black and red numerals.

      But we support the idea of producing one without a date windows in the future so we decided to make a Quick Poll out of this question and post it in the upcoming Step 3.

      Best wishes,

  • Avatar matteo says:

    Dear All, I add my voice to other comments about “why the date window?” I think that the watch (whatever would be the color) has a great design and balance; the date window break a little the symmetry and harmony of the dial.
    This my 2 cents.

    • Tom @ CDMLEC Tom @ CDMLEC says:

      Thanks for your comment Matteo. We wanted the new Sous-Marine to be as close to the original as possible. The original Sous-Marine was a ‘Montre Datographe’, as you can see on the poster as well as on the vintage pieces we posted, so the date function was an essential part of the watch.

      But it is still a good idea for the future so we decided to make a Quick Poll out of this question and post it in the upcoming Step 3.


  • Avatar Martin says:

    The design at the top of the page looks terrific but I would question the choice of faux-aged lume. The original watch would not have been produced with aged lume and I don’t understand why an homage to that watch should. With gold hands and beige lume, the overall effect is an over-powering yellow caste. Perhaps consider offering that version with C3 or white lume.

    • Avatar John says:

      Hi Martin. Actually, luminous at this time was typically tinted, either by the manufacturer when first produced, or by the factory producing the hands.. there were choices the brand had of which color the watches their luminous to be.. early choices were green (what is sometimes referred to as French green as many of the budget French produced brands used it) a lt brown beige, which is what you saw most US based companies use, or there was a green/yellow color as used by the majority of the higher end companies (rolex, omega, etc). Have you seen an original Sous marine model before? Or are you basing your opinion on mock ups or maybe your own perceptions?.. because I own multiple Dodane produced watch, in various states or aging.. and I can assure you that your comment about the overwhelming yellow caste is not accurate.. the most aesthetically pleasing Dodane watch is my 100% original Airain watch with a beautiful custard yellow hued luminous which looks incredible in Unison with the original gold hands.. very much like you would find on vintage 1950’s Rolex sport watches, which as I’m sure you know , are the most valuable vintage sport watches fetching prices of 100’s of thousands or dollars at auction.. and I can guarantee you if those watches had aesthetic issues because of the colour of the luminous, They wouldn’t be achieving those kinds of prices with collectors.

      But I urge you to check vintage Sous marine models for yourself, to see that in fact sometimes the more patinaed the watch, the more attractive it actually is.

  • Avatar Benoit says:

    Hi Airain, the ocean green colour watch looks amazing – this colour is also rare. Will each colour be produced? How many will be produced? Thank you, Benoit

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Benoit!
      Thank you for your message and questions. Soon we will reveal more details about our production plans.
      Thanks, Tom

  • Avatar Richard says:

    The re edition Sous Marine looks great. I just think that while the crown is authentic, the Parmentier is just going to stick into the back of your wrist. There’s a reason why we don’t see them on today’s watches and it’s nothing to do with the waterproofing technology improvements. Big crowns are uncomfortable. Sorry. Best wishes Richard

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thanks Richard. We appreciate your feedback. Based on the comments we’ve received, the Parmentier crown is in high demand. It might not be the most practical crown out there but it is true to the original which is one of the objectives of this project. However, based on the technical study we did now, we think the crown will not feel uncomfortable as it sits high enough in the case. We’ll show you more details in the next step.

  • Avatar Robert says:

    Hi Tom,

    I really admire this initiative and your urge to stay true to the original. Great job! You are selling yourself short though. I for one am very interested in a reissue of a skindiver with a European movement. However, 38mm and an acrylic crystal would be a no go for me…and for many others. You will miss out on a lot of potential buyers.

    Like it or not, we are living in modern times and have tasted the benefit of progress. Please consider both 38mm and 40mm, the latter with a reduced lug length. Would be great to have the sapphire crystal offered as an optional extra. More brands offer this option. I for one like the crystal on my watch scratch free. I have owned a watch with an acrylic crystal…nightmare!

    However, it is your show and ultimately it is up to you. That is your prerogative.

    Good luck and keep up the great work!

    Kind regards, Robert

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Robert,

      Many thanks for your comments and sharing your thoughts. It is much appreciated.

      While I do understand and appreciate your opinion for us, based on the feedback and votes casted, it is obvious that (around) 38mm and acrylic is the way to go for the Re-Edition. Regarding the diameter I think it is important to consider that the watch will wear slightly bigger because of the way the case and lugs are formed. Acrylic vs. sapphire; acrylic won. I personally don’t think it is a question of modernity or not. Acrylic has a different feeling and experience to it. And indeed, it might not be for everyone but considering the success of our Type 20 (which is fitted with an acrylic crystal too) and the fact that, after all these years, Omega is still producing its Speedmaster Professional with an acrylic crystal, I feel there will be enough enthusiasts for such a watch. Also, we have to start somewhere, right? So for the future we must not rule out a sapphire version… 🙂

      Thanks again and best wishes,

    • Avatar FREDERIC BASSET says:

      Hi Robert,
      Totally agree with you .

      • Avatar Michael Ledoux says:

        Spot on Frederic! I have several acrylic crystal watches and greatly enjoy them and the vintage feeling they provide. I really look forward to the Sous-Marine release.

  • Avatar Roger Caleya says:

    The faded black dial is gorgeous! But… “white painted” hands? Have you thought about silver polished? They would elevate this version.
    Looking forward to know the specs!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thanks! We took the white painted hands from a vintage piece that had this exact combo. But I think your question is a good idea to ask the community. So we are going to introduce it as a quick poll 🙂
      Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Lorenzo says:

    Se l’originale era di 38 mm, sarebbe opportuno farlo di 38 mm.
    Ottima la corona di carica.
    Vetro zaffiro.
    Per il resto deve essere il più simile possibile all’originale. Sia le sfere, sia il dial ecc.
    Per il resto, mi prenoto già per averlo !!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Grazie mille Lorenzo! Davvero felice che ti piaccia. Sembra che il Sous-Marine segnerà la maggior parte delle caselle che descrivi. Spero di vederti al passaggio 4 e quando i nostri preordini saranno attivi!

  • Avatar Venu says:

    38mm please! The design language and overall aesthetic would work best if it adheres to the spirit of the original inspiration! Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery!
    All the best towards success of what you’re doing! In awe 🫢!

  • Avatar Jason from Belgium says:

    38mm would be fantastic. The original Submariner was 38mm. Let’s keep this as “vintage” looking as possible please.

  • Avatar Michał says:

    38 mm case 😍

  • Avatar chubby says:

    stick with 38. just like the Seiko 6217-8001. which looks v similar, almost a copy.

  • Avatar Jk tham says:

    I’d like to suggest for a 40mm diameter with short overhanging lugs so that it may fit a good level of wrist size.

    Also for a 22mm lug width and strap/bracelet option and tapering down to 18mm for wrist comfort.

    Any thoughts of a titanium case and a display back option as well?

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you for your comments. For us, 40mm will just be too big and too far from the original. But the way the lugs are shaped, the watch will wear slightly bigger.

      Different case materials and an exhibition case back sound as great options for future models! Thanks again!

  • Avatar JFPisa says:

    Have had my eye on the Glashutte SeaQ since it’s release. Will now 100% be joining the Round 1 pre-order. Please, please, please keep the size 40mm or below.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you! That is great to hear! And yes, below 40mm it will most probably be. 🙂

  • Avatar Robert says:

    I’m a purist. Original is best when it comes to reintroducing iconic vintage designs. Although I didn’t vote for all the original details here…

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      The original is great. But unfortunately only shows up very sporadically..

  • Avatar James Jones says:

    What an amazing idea! This watch is destined to become a treasured heirloom. Try to keep it as close to the original as possible please. The DNA second hand is too destinctive not to carry over to the re-release. Like the crown logo also. Spear, flashlight or time check. Do really have to ask? I do prefer 40+ mm watches, so I hope it comes out on the larger side. Black and red dials get my vote. The deep blue is too deep. Needs to be more along the lines of a Mediterranean blue. I seriously want this watch!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you James! We will indeed keep it as close as possible to the original Sous-Marine. This also means the diameter so the Re-Edition will not grow to 40mm. But don’t worry, the watch will not look small because of the rather present lugs. Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Søren says:

    Understandable if you stick to 38 mm, but pleas also consider those of us with large wrists – a 41-42 mm would be a nice size for a modern take on the classic.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      There is, unfortunately, no ‘golden’ size that will suit everyone’s needs. In this case it helps us to stay close to the original. On the other hand, the watch will not look small at 38mm because of the rather large lugs. More details in the next step! Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Mark says:

    Considering how close the vote was Why not make the sapphire crystal an option?

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Mark, that is certainly possible, but we want to remain competitive. Options make the production more expensive and, in our view, cause confusion among our customers. Hence we go for acrylic for now. But who knows, there may one day be a version with sapphire crystal..

  • Avatar Tom says:

    Even at 38mm, the lug to lug looks to well exceed 48mm, maybe even 50mm. Can you make the lug to lug shorter and stick to the original size of 38mm?

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Tom, we have indeed taken that into account. According to the current design the lug to lug could stay just below 48mm. Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Nicky says:

    Another winner Tom. You are on fire. Are the dimensions known yet?

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you Nicky! 😀 Much appreciated
      No exact dimensions yet. Except the diameter which will be around 38mm. Technical development will start next week. Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Sebastiano says:

    Hi Tom, great job so far!
    You mentioned that you will probably stick to a 38mm case diameter. I would have associated that diameter to a dress watch rather than a dive watch and probably moved that up to a 40mm diameter case max. Other than that, the different options are all fantastic and it was very difficult to choose!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Sebastiano, thank you!
      The main reason to stick to around 38mm is to keep it very close to the original piece. Also, with its quite long lugs, we think the appearance of the watch is better if the diameter does not grow too much.
      Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar gregorybox says:

    I cannot decide which Limited Series I prefer? I am torn between Faded Black (white hands), Deep Blue (white hands) and the ‘Tropical’ dial.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      The choice is hard. But you may choose up to 3 of your favorite ones. 🙂

  • Avatar Vintage_watch_adverts says:

    Congratulations for the renderings. I like the four lines print on the original model which was quite unusual at that time.
    The “Fab. Suisse” spec is an excellent option but should respect the original position since we are talking about a reissue.

    Suggestion: green SL dial option on preorder for those who never appreciated the “faux patina”.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you! Yes, the four lines look great but since we plan to use a movement that will have a shock protection system other than Incabloc so we can not put the word INCABLOC on the dial. Please note that there is also a version with just 2 lines (SOUS-MARINE + 30 RUBIS) as well as the logo without Fab. Suisse (we have edited the text on the website since all of the described options have been used and thus can be considered original); just take a look at the vintage poster we published in Step 1.

      Thank you also for the suggestion on the SuperLuminova color. We do recognize there is a strong wish for a lume color other than (light) old radium.

      • Avatar Vintage_watch_adverts says:

        Noticed those details I missed, thank you.
        Any price range has been considered?

  • Avatar Jim says:

    I very much like the design of the Sous-Marine and may be interested in placing an order when that option becomes available. However, it will be far easier for me to make that decision once I have received, tried on and inspected my Airain Type 20. Like many others I’ve been waiting for the better part of a year for this and while I realize the delays and long lead times have been beyond your control I believe it would be premature of me to buy a second watch before I’d received the first one. I know the Type 20s are scheduled to start shipping within the next few weeks and I am very much looking forward to receiving mine. At that time I’ll have a better idea of how I want to proceed with a Sous-Marine.
    Thanks for listening and for keeping all of us informed.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Jim, it was great to talk to you in our Coffee Catch-up! I totally understand your feedback and rest asured; we will only open up the pre-order round for the Sous-Marine when the Type 20’s are ready and been delivered. That way you can make an informed decision on buying the Sous-Marine without missing out on the offer.

      Thanks, Tom

  • Avatar Pragmatiko says:

    Ciao vi scrivo dall’ Italia, mi piacerebbe moltissimo che ci fosse una versione senza data e con quadrante blù con lancette bianche e superluminova bianco. Anche l’idea di un bel bracciale in acciaio con deployante regolabile non sarebbe male. Complimenti per il progetto!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Ciao Pragmatiko, le tue idee sono molto apprezzate. Grazie per aver condiviso queste cose. Presto potresti vedere alcune idee nelle nostre serie limitate. La versione senza data sarà difficile in questo round ma forse in futuro… Maggiori informazioni sul braccialetto nel prossimo passaggio! Grazie ancora!

      In English:
      Hi Pragmatiko, your ideas are much appreciated. Thank you for sharing these. You might see some ideas soon in our limited series. The no-date version will be difficult in this round but maybe in the future… More on the bracelet in the next step! Thanks again!

  • Avatar Habibouille says:

    Hello Airain Team!
    Great design overall and really thrilled that you intend to stick as close as possible to the original. I was considering to buy a Glashütte SeaQ for I was blasted by the design and the finishing, but as a french guy, I’ll save my money for the Airain!
    I love the DNA strand and the old radium lume. I’m a vintage watches guy, so I favour the warmth of the lume and the gold hands.
    The caseback design is great and voted for the spear design ’cause it’s cool.
    Great to see the Parmentier crown back, that’s a hell of a feature! But be aware that most of them were lost by the Tritons’, Airains’, Titus’, Chronofixes’ and so on’ owners. You’ll have to make it stick to the watch as an oyster on its rock!
    Last but not least, I’m amazed how the vintage watches’ proportions are so accurate, which make them highly desirable, and reeditions don’t make it quite through because the increased size of the case doesn’t work! Don’t go further to 38 mm, I think it won’t be relevant.
    Or at least, make two case size options (38 and 40?) if you have the opportunity and the means to! Thanks!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you Habibouille, really great to read your kind words and how you like the design so far!

      Yes, the Parmentier crown is cool and we will indeed provide much attention on how it can be used safe without losing it and also provide the opportunity to get a new one (easily) should someone lose their crown cap.

      The exact case size will be revealed in Step 3 but I can already tell you we will stick to around 38mm!

      Cheers, Tom

      • Avatar Habibouille says:

        Thanks for your time and answers Tom. I also wanted to put the focus on the fact that the success of Airain’s Collabs are also due to your availability to hear everybody’s thoughts on the reissues. It’s a win-win relation that we seldom see with watch brands. Keep on goin’! Cheers.

  • Avatar gregorybox says:

    I also think white coloured lume would also look good too. The ‘Old Radium’ colour has been used extensively by other brands and can be too common. The gold plated hands may be true to the original, however, I quite like hands with a brushed finish. I like the Fab. Suisse text placement in the upper half of the dial.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Hi Gregory, you are right about the lume color which indeed has been used very often already. Still we feel that we should use it for this Re-Edition but I can already reveal that we are thinking of a more white colored lume for one of our limited series. I like your idea of combining it with brushed (non-gold/gilt) hands. Stay tuned for May 27 when we will reveal more designs! Thanks! Tom

  • Avatar Quinny says:

    I think the idea of offering the dna second hand as another option is a great idea. That’s a pretty unique feature and one that’s really been drawing me to the project. I think that it’s a really interesting, and defining feature of this watch and one that will help it stand out from other skin divers by sticking to its roots! I also find that Parmentier crown super interesting!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you for your comments Quinny. Happy to hear you like how our project is going!

  • Avatar Johan Van Goolen says:

    maak er een nieuw horloge van , geen oude copy! ik verkies DNA streng ( heel origineel) de lolly secondenwijzer zijn er al genoeg van. plaatsing duiker ( mag je je goesting mee doen) ik verkies ook GEEN plexiglas (vermits je een nieuw horloge gaat maken) maak witte cijfers op wijzerplaat , geen verouderde cijfers op wijzerplaat, tekst onderaan.ook een kwaliteits uurwerkmotor. ik merk dat vele een oude copy wensen , maak er dan maar een oude copy van . Voor mij kristal , dna streng , witte cijfers,tekst onderaan , met zoveel mogelijk nieuwe technologie – anders heeft het helemaal geen zin ,

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Dankjewel voor je reactie Johan. Als ik goed begrijp wat je bedoelt dan is mijn reactie dat we geen ‘nieuw’ horloge maken maar ook geen oude kopie. We maken het horloge vandaag alsof het nog steeds in productie zou zijn. Dat wil zeggen dat we het horloge zeker volgens de nieuwe normen en productie standaarden (inclusief modern uurwerk) gaan maken maar dat het er wel nog uit moet zien als het origineel. De beste vergelijking die ik kan maken is de Omega Speedmaster Professional; ondanks kleine aanpassingen (lees: verbeteringen) is dit horloge in basis nog net als het 50 jaar geleden was. De keuze voor saffierglas vs. acrylglas (hesalite/plexiglas) zegt in mijn ogen niet iets over kwaliteit. Beiden hebben hun voor- en nadelen en enkel het feit dat er heden ten dagen zoiets als saffierglas bestaat wil niet zeggen dat acrylglas is afgeschreven. Sterker nog, de stemmen vertellen ons dat de community, nadat ze de voor- en nadelen van beide hebben afgewogen, liever acrylglas ziet dan saffier. Groet, Tom

      In English:
      Thank you for your response John. If I understand correctly what you mean, my response is that we are not making a ‘new’ watch, but also not an old copy. We make the watch today as if it were still in production. This means that we will certainly make the watch according to the new norms and production standards (including a modern movement), but that it still has to look like the original. The best comparison I can make is the Omega Speedmaster Professional; despite minor adjustments (read: improvements), this watch is basically still just like it was 50 years ago. The choice for sapphire glass vs. acrylic glass (hesalite/plexiglass) does not say anything about quality, in my opinion. Both have their pros and cons and just the fact that there is such a thing as sapphire glass today does not mean that acrylic glass has been written off. In fact, the votes tell us that after weighing the pros and cons of both, the community prefers acrylic glass to sapphire. Regards, Tom

  • Avatar Carl Haluss says:

    Unfortunately, I missed out on the first step. But I am delighted that you are going with the plexiglass crystal!
    I really like the “fab suisse” under the Airain logo. And because it goes as the original, I think it’s a good choice.
    Although I don’t have any idea about the movement, it would be amazing to have a manually wound calibre!!
    I like the Spear logo on the back best. Looks like it will be a fantastic watch!

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Let’s see how the voting goes for the logo. For now, the cleaner logo without Fab Suisse seems to win. By the way; we edited the text on the website since all of the options are original. So it is an aesthetic choice really.

      Movement will be revealed in the next step. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar Michael says:

    Bonjour Tom, thanks for including your customers/future customers in the design process and for the transparency in your thinking. Because this is a re-creation, it is nice to stay as accurate as possible. I really like the overall design. I do have a couple of questions. Are the date wheel numbers all red and is this accurate to the vintage models? Also, I saw a vintage model that had a crown above the “Airain” text (top half of dial) and no text under “Airain”. Was that common branding back then?

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Thanks for your kind words Michael. That is exactly what we like to do so no problem!

      The date wheel numbers will be red and black, alternating. This is indeed accurate to the vintage pieces.

      There were indeed three types of branding on the dial; the crown logo, the Airain logo and the Airain logo with Eb. Suisse below it. We believe the crown logo was used last in the series.

      Cheers, Tom

  • Avatar Brian says:

    Will there be a vote on the lume color? The aged cream patina is nice, but would be interested to see other options, such as just regular white.

    • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

      Great feedback Brian, thanks! Indeed, a more white lume would be a great option. There will not be a specific vote but we are currently looking at the Limited Series and plan to fit one of those with a whiter lume.

  • Avatar snippy says:

    looking good gents and topped off with the acrylic crystal. there’s a general consensus 4 the lollipop hand, fab suisse text @ 6 ‘o’ clock and the og case back scuba dude. perfect. great to see all of the og text and a red date as well.

  • Airain Watches Airain Watches says:

    Hi fellow watch enthusiasts, team Airain Watches is here to answer your questions and comments. You are welcome to join the discussion!


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