Here’s your chance to design our new Sous-Marine

March 2022

This should get any watch aficionado’s heart pumping. We’re making an old champion watch resurface: our highly sought-after Sous-Marine! And you can help us.

About the Sous-Marine
This skin diving watch was regarded as a work of art throughout the 1960s, but quickly disappeared from the grand stage after the quartz crisis, and became a rare sight at auctions. Those collectors who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, aren’t too eager to part with it.

Sous-Marine Rewind
But why let the past be the past? We believe the Sous-Marine is too beautiful to be stowed away in someone’s vault. That is why we have decided to bring it back centre-stage.

And we’re inviting you to help us make the new iteration even more beautiful than the original.

Collaborative Designer Platform (CoLAB)
How? By voting for your favourite Sous-Marine looks. In the coming months, we’ll cover anything from glass types, hands and bezels, to dial colours, wristbands and movements.

Head over to our dedicated CoLAB page, and vote to decide on the Sous-Marine’s new looks.

Take a deep breath and plunge right in!

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