🤿 3D Renders have surfaced: Sous-Marine Re-Edition

December 2022

The Airain Sous-Marine is resurfacing! This iconic diver watch was a hit in the 1960s. We want it back centre-stage. That’s why we took it to the drawing tables of CoLAB.

In previous steps of this CoLAB, fans helped us decide on things like the type of glass, second hand shape, the diver graphic and placement of the Fab. Suisse tag.

Results in 3D
Now it’s time to see the results of our shared effort in 3D! Head over to the Sous-Marine CoLAB now. Over there, you’ll also find:

  • technical details – an important update about the glass.
  • the updated Parmentier crown – we’ve improved an issue with the original.
  • movement – how does 68 hours of power reserve sound?
  • exciting news about strap choices: Fixoflex® is back!

Pre-order Round 1 News
Are you excited after looking at the renders and tech specs, and want to own one yourself? Pre-order Round 1 will open on 16 December 2022, 10:00 am CET, so you’ll have the chance to be among the first to own an Airain Sous-Marine Re-Edition.

In return for your trust and early commitment, the first pre-order round offers the biggest advantage compared to the final retail price. Check out the CoLAB page for all the details:

Take a deep breath and plunge right in!

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