A   L E G E N D   R E B O R N

At Airain, our passion for horology drives us to revive the iconic Type 20, reflecting our rich heritage and dedication to timeless craftsmanship. Originally designed for the French military in the 1950s, the Type 20 and Type 21 models are legendary for their precision and durability. These re-editions maintain the original specifications, including a hand-wound column wheel chronograph and flyback function, while incorporating modern enhancements. By reintroducing these historic timepieces, we honor our legacy and the timeless appeal of military aviation watches. Explore the meticulous artistry behind each piece and join us in celebrating the revival of a horological legend

T Y P E  2 0 

T Y P E  2 1

T Y P E  2 0  F U R T I V I T É


The Airain Type 20 is a meticulous re-edition of the original 1950s Airain Type 20, one of the seven suppliers chosen to craft the Type 20 for the French army. Our passion for vintage watches and dedication to horological excellence drive us to revive this iconic model. By blending classic design with modern standards, we preserve our rich heritage while ensuring precision and durability. The Type 20 embodies the timeless elegance and functional beauty of a watch that once defined an era, now brought to life for contemporary enthusiasts.