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Combined Arms Operating Like Clockwork

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Combined Arms Operating Like Clockwork

Strength, precision, and endurance are three key characteristics of Airain. It’s what led to our status as the preferred supplier of the iconic Type 20 pilot watch for ALAT, the French Army’s airborne division from the 1950s into the 1990s.

Now, you can celebrate your unit’s history by issuing a beautiful, bespoke timepiece. Whether it’s for a special occasion such as an anniversary or for complementing your unit’s attire.

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Demanding Circumstances, Swiss Sophistication

At high altitudes (Type 20) or hundreds of metres below sea level (Sous-Marine), Airain’s timepieces are designed with a mission: to offer precise timekeeping in demanding circumstances. Our watches are your reliable source of time in situations where there is a lot at stake.

Whether it’s on the dial, the case back or the strap, our models are ideally suited to incorporate and mirror your unit’s crests, colours, and other style elements.

Creating a one-off timepiece in limited supply turns your watch into a highly prized collectors’ item that is a testament to your unit’s specialism.

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Striking Showcases

Bond Re-Established: ALAT and Airain

Mission: Reconnect w. ALAT.
Status: Accomplished.

Since the revival of Airain in 2020, we’ve successfully completed one of our most import missions: reconquer our position around the wrists of ALAT’s pilots.

Together with the Escadrille d’Hélicoptères de Reconnaissance et d’Attaque (EHRA) n°3, the third Reconnaisance and Attack Helicopter Squadron of the French army, we have created a truly unique timepiece that honours EHRA 3’s signature fonts and colours.

Founded on 1 July 1968, the EHRA 3 squadron will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2023. To mark the occasion, Airain will issue 25 personalised watches. Engraved on the back will be the pilots’ individual flight license number, to further personalise the pieces.


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