Prototypes Revealed: the Airain Sous-Marine Has Resurfaced

June 2023

It’s time for the next phase in the Airain Sous-Marine CoLAB: showing you the prototypes up close!

A Must-Have for Skin Divers
The original Sous-Marine was advertised as highly reliable and accurate while submerged. An absolute must-have for (skin) divers at the time. Nowadays, the original Sous-Marine has become an extremely rare sight, and those who are lucky to own one are reluctant to give it up.

Today’s your lucky day, because we are very close to starting production of a fully revamped Sous-Marine.

With your valuable input, gathered in our Sous-Marine CoLAB, combined with Airain’s long-standing tradition of excellence, we have managed to create a Re-Edition that honours its heritage in accuracy, durability AND character.

Time to Check the Results
Now, the prototypes of the Airain Sous-Marine and their test results are in! You already saw a glimpse of our Sous-Marine’s character in 3D-renditions, yet nothing beats having a real watch in your hands. 

So let’s dive into those test results and take a closer look at this tool watch.


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